Friday, 20 January 2012

Our search for a decent builder

After many months of looking and paying holding deposits with many builders we have chosen to build with Henley.  We chose Henley because we have built with them before.  We built a Henley Baltimore  42 about 10 years ago.  Even though we built after that as well with a smaller company called Hometec, we thought Henley offered the home we most love.  We are building an amended (larger) Emperor 45 in Lower Templestowe.

This is what Henley classify as a knockdown and rebuild.  This blog will have more pictures than words.  So if anybody has any questions, please do not hesitate asking.

We had our colour selection yesterday.  Wow what a drainer!!  The colour consultant was the most patient person I have ever met.  The entire appointment took about 8 hours.  So stay tuned for full details.

Hoping to post some pics soon.

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