Saturday, 13 October 2012

Guttering, Roof Tile & Brick Work

Sorry all...Its been a while since posting....Progress has been really good and again I say once more, Henley have been great.


  1. They make quick progress don't they! I laughed when I saw IMG_6341.JPG - Henley also cut a hole in the particle board for no good reason on our build as well. It's remained a mystery to us.

    Best of luck with the second floor bricking and plaster!

    Us @

  2. Hi Ilias

    OMG what great progress.... what Bricks did you use? we have decided on the Homestead Tan.

    Look great


  3. Hi Mary...sorry was supposed to respond to you earlier...yes progress has been great...really fast and really great work as well...don't know about the hitting rock until we make final payment...however, I would assume the supervisor would have advised if we had hit rock(anyway I hope so). Bricks are category 5 (i think rattan). We nearly chose Homestead Tan, but they showed us the new version that was being produced by the melbourne depot and was not the same that they had on the wall at the time....some time ago Homestead Tan was made in Sydney and looked just that little lighter. I would ove to hear about your other choices...Cheers

  4. Hi Ilias,

    yeah brick colour changes batch from batch. I went with homestead Tan after driving around new areas and looked at what bricks others were using, sprise suprise alot of ppl are beuild with Homestead tan, so it was easy to see a whole house with that brick.
    Our house is the boston facade we are rendering the top part of the house and the front entry pillers. The entry will be a very dark chocolate and the top part of the house will be a weak latte colour. the molding will also be in that colour.
    the colour of my windows are Dune garage door is Jaspar.
    I got a call from admin last night they are pushing my tender out an extra 3 weeks :( bummer. Love looking at the progress of your house... keep up the photos...

  5. Hi Ilias

    I know it's been a long while since you would have finished your build now, but I stumbled on your blog and would love to see pics of the final house and find out what your experience was like with Henley.

    We're looking at building the same home as you, with similar options by the looks of it. Have been very interested to find pictures of the house, as the Emperor is no longer on display anywhere.

    Would love to hear from you if you have the time.